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Dynasty The Champion of New York!


Dynasty beat City Skyline in the direct match, which decided about the Champion of New York title. According to all fans, referees and organizers it was the best match in the history of Red Box Leagues in New York. Both teams made a beautiful, soccer show – we could see a great soccer event. Also the match setting was incredible – made on a wonderful field with a view on Manhattan by numerous fans, mainly Brożyna family from New Jersey. The glory belongs to winners but the defeated team also played very well. Intersystems shot as many as four goals but it was not enough to beat PDP Contracting – though Intersystems was enforced by a son of legendary Dariusz Dziekanowski, the former player of Polish National Team, the star of such teams as Widzew Łódź and Legia Warsaw. Adam’s won next match. Unfortunately Husaria didn’t arrive and two matches were default. Hidden Talents had a break, due to the changes in the marital status of Dawid Ditrich, its captain and goalkeeper – we wish the bride and groom all the happiness in the world!


Lots of faithful Dynasty supporters                                           This nice picture was sent by Janusz Jaworek

Dynasty – City Skyline 2:1

Dynasty – Rafał Brożyna, Mariusz Bruliński

City Skyline – Bartosz Stolarczyk

Dynasty – Piotr Wiercioch, Sebastian Brożyna, Robert Brożyna, Rafał Brożyna, Dawid Brożyna, Janusz Jaworek, Marcin Jaworek, Konrad Mucha, Mariusz Bruliński, Łukasz Pusz

City Skyline – Krzysztof Hejzyk, Bartosz Stolarczyk, Piotr Brzeziński, Marcin Januszko, Mateusz Tancula, Konrad Sobotka, Robert Dec, Wojciech Targoński

Sędzia Bartosz Wasiluk          

Yellow cards: Piotr Brzeziński 1, Wojciech Targoński 2 – and consequently red card                                                                                             

Adam’s – Intersystems 7:0

Adam’s – Mateusz Chlost 3, Karol Florczyk 2, Marcin Chlost, Dominik Żabczyk

Adam’s – Grzegorz Panek, Jakub Misiuda, Bartosz Baszyński, Eryk Klinert, Mateusz Chlost, Karol Florczyk, Marcin Chlost, Dominik Żabczyk

Intersystems – Marcin Nowicki, Rafał Dziekanowski, Rafał Balcerzak, Bartosz Woliński, Jiri Ermis, Jarosław Nowicki, Luis

Sędzia Łukasz Mellerowicz


PDP Contracting – Intersystems 9:4

PDP Contracting – Piotr Dublicki 7, Jacek Wiatrowicz 2

Intersystems – Rafał Balcerzak 3, Bartosz Woliński

PDP Contracting – Łukasz Stankowski, Piotr Dublicki, Patryk Tyborowski, Bogdan Tyborowski, Damian Tyborowski, Mateusz Kusibab, Jacek Wiatrowicz

Intersystems – Marcin Nowicki, Rafał Dziekanowski, Rafał Balcerzak, Bartosz Woliński, Jiri Ermis, Jarosław Nowicki, Luis

Sędzia Bartosz Wasiluk


PDP Contracting – Husaria 3:0 wo

Adam’s – Husaria 3:0 wo


Red Box League plays every Saturday from 8pm till 31st August. Then there is a break and on 14th September Fall Season starts. Matches are held on Bushwick Inlet Park Soccer Field located at North 9st & 10th Kent Ave (Brooklyn).

We invite all of you for the end of the season – during the gala trophies, cups, medals, awards and certificates will be handed. Thanks to the attention of Mr. Michal Siwiec the gala will take place in Club  Europa, located st 98 Meserole Ave, Greenpoint at 9pm on Friday 6th September.

All league matches are played with adidas soccer balls, which are used in Champions League tournament in Europe. Every season involves attractive prizes such as gift cards for adidas sports equipment, cups, diplomas and medals, the total value of awards is almost $2000!!

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